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How often you paint the interior of your home is dependent on not just how quickly the paint deteriorates, but how often you have to paint your home can actually depend on how often a room is used! In general, rooms that see the most use will have to be painted the most often.


Children’s bedrooms, hallways and corridors are the highest use and highest traffic areas of your home. Chances are it is in these areas that you’ll see the most damage, scuffing and just plain old dirtiness. Depending on what type of paint you used last, it can be harder or easier to clean that dirt off, but eventually it just becomes time for a new coat of paint. Expect to have to repaint these areas every two to three years and consider adding a chalkboard paint section to children’s walls so they have a place that is safe to draw on! You will most likely want to use a satin or semi-gloss paint on these surfaces because they will be easier to clean.


Adult bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms can often wait five to seven years before needing to be repainted. Though they certainly see a lot of traffic and activity, it is the furniture in these rooms that will probably need to be replaced before your walls will need to be repainted. Adults rarely spend time in their bedrooms outside of sleeping which is why an adult bedroom can certainly go a longer period of time before needing a fresh coat of paint.


Kitchens are one area where satin or semi-gloss paints are an absolute must! If you do a lot of cooking then having a higher gloss paint that you can simply wipe down with a sponge is really important! In bathrooms, you’ll want to have a water based paint and a way to help vent humidity. Paint in either of these two rooms will need to be redone every three to four years, earlier if the paint begins to show obvious signs of damage. If you have a laundry room you’ll want to include them in the kitchen and bathroom category, but inspect your paint before deciding if it needs to be repainted. Sometimes these rooms can go a little longer.


If you’re not sure if your room should be painted, look at your walls! If the paint has started to flake or peel, especially in rooms like a bathroom with a shower or bathtub, then it is definitely time to repaint. Flaking and peeling are warning signs that the raw material underneath is being exposed to the elements! Scuffing and other damage are also good signs that it’s time to repaint a room. You’ll want to do some repair work to the walls before they are painted and consider a Chester county Interior House Painter with a higher gloss so that its easier to clean. Lastly, if you’re tired of the paint on your walls, then it is naturally time to paint! Your home should be your sanctuary. If any part of it makes you uncomfortable or unhappy then it simply is time for something new!